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Rev. Donna Fitzgerald

Rev. Donna Fitzgerald

Spiritual Medium

Trance Medium

Ordained Minister 

Spiritual Healer

Metaphysical Teacher

At the Great Pyramid in Egypt.


Ordained by The Indiana Association of Spiritualists and sanctioned by United Metaphysical Churches (UMC) headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia. Served UMC on the Executive Board of Directors  and as a Seminary teacher for over 14 years. Currently serving as Secretary of the Executive Board.

Have taught metaphysical classes at spiritual organizations across the US, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico and the Caribbean with clients in the US and abroad.

Local to the Atlanta, Georgia  metropolitan area. Have been a life-long student of metaphysics.

I am eternally grateful for the loving presence and wisdom of spirit in my life. I am merely a vehicle that allows them to present their teachings to those who are ready to hear.

As a young girl, my father always told me that no matter what happens in life, understand the lesson, and you will be able to grow and progress beyond with that knowledge.

Spirit tells us the same. Have the experience, learn the lesson, evaluate the information gained, then use your own new found wisdom to progress.


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